I fancy the pants off my wife and I hate it!!!

When Kerry and I first met, it wasn’t quite a magical, mutual ‘love first sight’ moment but more like when Belle first sees the Beast…I however was falling for Kerry hard before we had even finished our red pepper dip starter!

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Luckily I managed to talk Kerry into a few more dates and whaddya know!? Here we are, 2 awesome daughters, Married & living the dream! Sort of.

I am so lucky to spend every day (most days, but lets not ruin the moment here) with Kerry. Honestly, she’s amazing. We have been through so much together already. The pregnancies, successful and unsuccessful, there is something unexplainable about seeing the woman you love bring a child into this world, its beyond comprehension unless you have experienced it. Raising 2 strong willed, powerful girls. We have moved house 3 times together already and have another move literally around the corner. The wedding, specifically the table plan & guest list. Lord have mercy, if any couple can get through that unscathed then marriage should be a breeze. It was a dream wedding though.

Anyway enough reminiscing, Kerry is literally my dream girl, she doesn’t believe me, but I’m telling you now, it’s true.


I fancy the pants off her & why wouldn’t I!? I mean, just look at her! We have a wonderful life together, sure we disagree and fall out at times, but we work as a team, we talk things though, we apologise (I apologise) and move on. But it works.

The part I hate is, Kerry works so bloody hard on her Blog, Youtube, Social media etc. Let alone being THE most incredible super mum to our 2 little girls too! Every day she is surrounded by piles of toys, snacks, washing…or the constant noise and questions that get generated by little humans running around the lounge or being clawed at from knee height by tiny (usually grubby) fingers asking for drinks or playtime or TV or iPads orย kisses & cuddles because teething (seriously, fuck teething!) or just because, the list goes on, you get the drift. Whilst doing all this, she’s working, or at least trying to, to provide for us all, giving us the life we dream of, the life we desire. Inevitably most of this gets piled up until the end of the day, when the beast returns from work (thats me).

Pic from reddit.com

I’m a hands on dad, I love it. I miss the girls all day, every day whilst I’m at work. Most nights I get back in time to at least help do dinner, bath them, read their stories and get them to bed. But I miss Kerry equally as much, more so on some days. It can feel like days at a time go past without us really even having a coherent conversation let alone get any intimacy (gentle saxophone music) shoehorned into the day. But I get it, I’ve been there too, when the kids have been clawing and climbing over you all day & your brain is frazzled, the last thing you want is more of the same. You need your own time, your own body and your own thoughts & I fully respect that.

I still hate it though. I want to sweep Kerry off her feet everyday and cuddle on the sofa all evening with her, but I can’t, because, well, life happens. But we are a team, we love each other (well I assume it’s mutual because she married me.. so, yeah!) and I cherish every day we get to spend as a family.


Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “I fancy the pants off my wife and I hate it!!!

  1. Ahhhhwwww this’s as so lovely. Men rarely show their soul like this and it’s refreshing to hear someone speak with so much respect and appreciation. Raising a young family is such a tiring job yet the most important one of all. Kerry is an inspirational young woman you are right to be proud of her


  2. Hi Warren … as the girls get older you will get your time back to be a couple , I know how hard it is raising a family , I have 4 , believe me when they are both in school time goes so fast , great read also a subscriber to utube x


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