10 Baby names I love but we will never use

Recently, Kerry (my wife), posted a video on her youtube about 10 baby names she loves but that we will never use. You can watch her video here

As some of you may know, Kerry and I already have 2 of the fiercest little girls on this planet. Sienna 4 & Aria 14 months. They are our complete world but boy oh boy, they demand we give them every ounce of our energy and patience going. Its so difficult to balance work, play, parenting, teaching, social life etc. We have decided that our family is complete as it stands, By the way, as a side note, I have so much respect for parents of larger families! HOW DO YOU DO IT!?

Anyway, with that in mind I decided to share the 10 names that I love but that we will never be using, I haven’t yet watched Kerry’s video nor have I seen her names list so it will be interesting to see how they compare.

So, in no particular order…

  1. Ezra – This name has really grown on me recently, but as we already have an Aria in the family, to have an Ezra on top would be a bit too much ‘PLL’ fanning in one family I think!
  2. Aubrey – Love this name for a girl, Kerry wouldn’t let me have it, Case closed 😦
  3. Leo – Leo was our choice of boys name before we found out that our 2nd was a Girl.
  4. Jackson – I loved the name Jackson whilst we were pregnant with Sienna & it was on our list the whole way through the pregnancy.
  5. Alana – I Love this name and think it is still pretty unusual in the UK.
  6. Isla – Was probably 2nd choice to Aria when we chose her name.
  7. Clay – We had Clay on our list for a boy for ages whilst we choosing names for our first. I think it sounds pretty cool still.
  8. Alexa-Rae – I liked ‘Alexa’ just on its own too but felt it sounds and looks really nice with the ‘Rae’ added,
  9. Phoenix – Love this name for a boy. We will never have the chance to use it though
  10. Harper – Love this name and I am sure Kerry does too, I am 100% sure it would be on her list too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe took some inspiration if you are looking for some baby names of your own!


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