My parenting survival tips

Hello guys!

Today I want to pass on some points of advice to any new parents out there.
Let me preface this by saying, I am by no means an expert, but this is what I have taken from my experiences as a dad so far. So, in no particular order…
1) Support your partner

Chances are they’ve just pushed a small human out of their body, a body which has been sacrificed for the past 9 months to grow this said human. Do the washing, change the nappies, cook the dinner (or just order a takeaway). They will appreciate it. Plus you never know when you’ll need a bit of dad credit in the bank to watch the football or go to the pub! The most important thing about this is, don’t moan about it. Just do it. They pushed a human out of their body remember!? No amount of washing or nappy changes will ever make up that ground.
2) The emotion.

I am a dad of two little girls & ever since they entered this world it opened a whole other level of emotion and sensitivity I never knew existed! Maybe it’s something to do with the tiredness or constant sensory overload too. That said, It’s not a bad thing, embrace it. It’s good for you, so just be prepared for it when you’re crying into a bowl of Cherrios at 6am and you’re not really sure why, it’s completely fine.
3) Teamwork

You’re a parenting team now, you have the equal responsibility to ensure the safety, development and wellbeing of an entire person. It’s way easier if you work together. There isn’t a right or wrong way to parent (within reason), every child is different and every parent is different. Find some common ground and values and you’re off. You want to formula feed? Go for it! Controlled crying? If it works for you, great! Treats everyday? It’s your call. All I’m saying is, there isn’t an exact science to parenting, so don’t worry about what other people do or say, if it works for you and your children are happy and healthy then it’s job done!
4) Pick your battles.

Seriously, if your child wants to eat their spaghetti with a spoon rather than a fork, the world will not end. You’ve never experienced the wrath of a three-nanger who thinks they’re totally in the right. There are certain things you just need to let slide otherwise your brain will literally melt. Take a step back, see the situation for what it is & carry on.
5) Don’t panic.

Kids are pretty robust. We’ve had our own share of incidents involving hospital visits, ambulances, x-rays etc. Thankfully everything has always been ok for us. Accidents happen and sure, I would always advise you get your children checked out if you have any concerns at all, no matter how small, our NHS is amazing.
But when these things happen, try to stay calm & remember to breath. If your child sees your fear and panic in a situation it will transfer to them and things will be 10 times harder to deal with.
Hopefully these tips will go some way to helping you along the tricky path that is parenting!

Good luck and See you soon.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “My parenting survival tips

  1. Great first post. I have to agree with the part about sometimes just letting it be. My daughter loves using utensils. It used to not be that way, but over time, she started to have fun with it. I think part of it was because we let her explore the different ways to use them. Once she figured out it was next to impossible for her to spear a radish with a spoon, she began to find other ways to accomplish the task. Which ended up being her turning the spoon around and using the slight point of the handle to spear it.


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