Husband to Kerry

Kerry and I have been together since 2010, I was living in Bristol at the time and Kerry was working in the city too, commuting from our home town. Kerry and I grew up in the same small town in Somerset but it wasn’t until 2010 that our paths crossed despite having many mutual friends. We had the usual awkward first dates and then I would meet Kerry in town with a soya hot chocolate for her when she finished work. Our relationship seemed to click and grow so easily, whilst putting in lots of effort, it seemed effortless, if that makes sense? Kerry had soon moved into my place as it just seemed to be easier for everything. We then moved into our own flat a few months later. Since then we have always been together, we’ve had the usual lovers tiffs but its been the best time of my life and our family has grown to 4 with our two daughters, Sienna & Aria. Also, we can’t forget our little pup Piper! We eventually tied the Knot in a Somerset stately home venue in October 2016.

Thanks for reading.


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