Dad to Sienna & Aria

Becoming a dad has been the best thing to have ever happened to me. Sienna was a ‘surprise’ whilst i had always planned and wanted children, Siennas arrival was somewhat sooner than i had always imagined, that said, I was in a steady job and knew Kerry was the the one from. After the initial shock/fear/panic settled down. the excitement began to grow. My biggest fear during this pregnancy was that something would happen to Kerry and I would be left on my own as a clueless widowed dad. Everything was fine, of course, and Sienna was born on November 8th 2012 also perfectly healthy.

Sadly then, whilst trying for a second, we suffered an early miscarriage at 7 weeks and then another at 14 weeks. The second one was tough. We decided not to try anymore and that we would focus our energy and time on the wedding instead.

Low and behold, we soon fell pregnant with Aria, this time around we had the fear that we would lose her like we had the previous two or that something else would go wong. This time however everything was fine with Aria & although Kerry suffered terribly during the pregnancy, Aria was born on 17th February 2016, perfectly healthy.


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